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february 2019

In the 13th century, glassmaking was a secretive craft concentrated on the Venetian island of Murano. Nearly 700 years later, starting in the latter half of the 20th century, the making of glass has become a wide open frontier of artistic expression emanating from the Pacific Northwest.

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july 2018

It’s the kind of place where glass art isn’t found only in museums and gift shops, but also on a bridge, in a fountain, in a bar, in a hotel, in a federal courthouse and in a university study room. And if you want to channel your inner Chihuly, you can create your own rainbow.

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february 2018

The South Sound area is rich with creators who can turn wood scraps into stunning works of art, and who reinvent the ordinary into an extraordinary business with style and grace. The region shines as a hub for artists and craftsmen who are keeping antiquated trades alive.

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february 2018

For all their efforts, both recent and historical, these are the cities we’ve found are most contributing to the artistic culture of our country. 

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november 2017

We love to see neighboring art institutions work together in common cause. And we really love to see walls come down between military and civilian neighbors who have so much to learn from each other, all year long. 

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july 2017

Since the Museum of Glass opened in 2002, it has been one of Tacoma’s biggest attractions. More than 2 million people have visited the museum, which is the only museum west of the Mississippi that is solely dedicated to glass.

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july/august 2017

Museums are uniquely suited to build confidence, comfort, and community for veterans 

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