Glass Show to Go!

 At Museum of Glass we see creativity expressed in art every day. Now you can bring that same inspiration to your school or neighborhood by scheduling our Mobile Hot Shop. This fully equipped glassblowing studio, inside a brightly painted box truck, drives to your doorstep and makes it easy for you to experience the transformation of molten glass into works of art. 

The Mobile Hot Shop arrives complete with two glass artists, an emcee, and all the glassmaking equipment to recreate our studio environment. These talented glassblowers use the tools on board to teach and captivate, with each move narrated by a skilled and knowledgeable emcee. Techniques are explained and questions are answered as the audience watches live glassmaking demonstrations. All of this occurs outdoors, under a very large tent with a full AV system for broadcasting the show.

Audiences will gain a much deeper appreciation for glass art and may become inspired to find their own inner artist. For those who might want to give it a try, a hands-on opportunity can be part of the experience. 

The Mobile Hot Shop offers both education and entertainment possibilities that are intriguing for all ages! 


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A minimum of four days is needed to provide your audience with this unique experience, made up of two prep days to get the furnaces up to temperature, followed by a demonstration day, and a day for things to cool off and tear down.

Access for a large box truck with the following is required for a demonstration:

  1. A basic set-up area that is flat and has wide door access (i.e. at least 50 feet to the building or location where the demonstration will occur, and is accessible from a parking lot or similar location.)
  2. A demonstration area that is dry with a floor that is flat, level, hard, dry, and heat resistant.
  3. A minimum 20’ x 30’ workshop area outdoors that can accommodate the weight of our equipment and tent, or an enclosed outdoor space with proper ventilation meeting Fire Department requirements.
  4. Security fencing positioned around the equipment.
  5. Accessible power (110v outlet) and water.
  6. On-site security for the entire time Mobile Hot Shop equipment is set up during evening hours.
  7. Spectator seating at least 10 feet in front of the equipment and demonstrating personnel.