renting the hot shop

Our Hot Shop is designed to accommodate many different styles and sizes of work. In addition to the support our Team, your rental includes use of the materials and equipment outlined below, access to an assortment of blowpipes and punties, optic molds, marvers and torches, as well as a dust booth, gold leaf table, and graphite casting table.

Contact our Hot Shop Director for more information.


Spectrum Premium Nuggets 2.0.

NOTE: At summer's (2018) end, we will be switching both tanks to Cristalica Premium Glass.


1000 lb. day tank

1000 lb. Spiral Arts day tank


Two top loaders, 34" x 45" x 24"

Two front loaders, 36" x 94" x 32"

One front loader, 40" x 96" x 38"

One front loader, 36" x 76" x 24"

One front loading casting, 24" x 23" x 43"

Note: Standard annealing included with rental. Options for more space and/or longer cycles available.

Glory Holes

One jumbo, 33" x 52"

One large, 24" x 48"

Two small, 18" x 40"


One, 32" x 60" x 24"