a leaf. a life. a legacy.

The george H. weyerhaeuser, jr. memorial endowment

We all love the South Sound. The collective impact that each person has made and continues to make upon this community, is profound. We are the community leaders, volunteers and most importantly, family members, who have used what we’ve learned to benefit the lives of others. Our legacy will be honored in the South Sound for decades to come. It is a fitting time to celebrate the legacy we are leaving in this community, and pay tribute to those individuals who have helped all of us grow individually and corporately.

The entire Museum of Glass family would like to thank you and the Weyerhaeuser family for your exceptional contributions to this community and beyond. You will be able to make a contribution that will allow the Museum to meet an endowment match challenge of $500,000, pledged by George H. Weyerhaeuser, Sr. and other family members, in honor of George H. Weyerhaeuser, Jr.

A glass art installation, paying tribute to the South Sound’s natural environment, will be created by MOG’s Hot Shop Team and later installed in the Museum’s Grand Hall with the names of current and future endowment donors. Anyone in the community can donate to this campaign through the Museum’s website. Personalization of names on the Endowment Art Installation will be offered for gifts of $250 or more.

George, Jr. and the Weyerhaeuser family's connection to museum of glass


about George H. Weyerhaeuser, Jr.

Committed to the future of Tacoma, George H. Weyerhaeuser, Jr. devoted much of his volunteer efforts to the revitalization of the city’s downtown and waterfront. A dynamic force for civic change, he worked with the Thea Foss Waterway Development Authority and was a founder and devoted advocate of Museum of Glass. He was Chair of the Museum from 2000 – 2008 and continued to serve on MOG’s Board until his death in 2013.

Inspired by a legacy of hard work—as was the calling of the Weyerhaeuser family—George was a forward thinker who could conceptualize the future well before others could even dream of tomorrow’s unfolding grace. Museum of Glass is an iconic representation of that grace. For him, the Museum’s footprint on the dock of the Thea Foss Waterway, serves as a signpost for residents and visitors alike, that Tacoma is sailing toward a future of exceptional promise. George Weyerhaeuser, Jr.’s passion for Museum of Glass continues to inspire the Museum family to carry on his tireless work by ensuring that MOG remains a destination of discovery for visitors and a place where both recognized and promising glass artists are always welcome.